Following are some of the many questions we receive regularly at the Landscape Horticulture Department. We will routinely choose some of the most commonly asked questions and do our best to answer them here for everyone.

Questions should be sent to: mer-lanht@peralta.edu or call 510/436-2418.

Is it possible for me to complete my certificate in 2 years?

This question is somewhat complex as we offer a basic certificate in Landscape Horticulture as well as several other certificates some of which have an intermediate and an advanced level. The basic certificate can certainly be obtained within two years. The other certificates would require a full load of 12-15 units per semester and a combination of both day and evening classes to complete within two years.

Do I need to get a certificate in order to get a job and what is its worth?

Absolutely not. However, the certificate is an announcement to potential employers that you successfully completed the program. Since we have been around for a long time, many of the potential employers are former students who know the worth of the certificate, understanding the depth of study that is required to obtain it. Therefore, while it is not needed per se, many employers do use it as a standard when hiring new employees. For those students who chose to start their own maintenance business, the certificate is often mentioned as a measure of competence when talking to potential clients.

I got my certificate, and now I want a little more. What’s next?

Our department strives to continually improve, update and add to our existing curricula. To that end, we introduce new classes routinely. These classes are intended to both broaden and deepen the student’s knowledge in various aspects of horticulture. So, it is possible to stay in and with the Landscape Horticulture Department for as long as you are interested in gardening and outdoor environments.

The schedule has non-credit classes numbered 800 and up. What are those about?

Fee-based classes, as these classes are called, are intended for those students who have a particular interest in a subject and would like a short but thorough coverage of a particular topic. While most of these classes are held on Saturday, some classes–such as those in floral design–are held during the week. Fee-based classes are priced according to the length of instruction and are typically $10-$12 per lecture hour. Our most successful classes are our aesthetic pruning series, intended for anyone who wishes to prune and really understand both what they are doing and how their actions will influence the plant’s responses.

I’m new, so what should I start with?

We suggest that most students start with both LH1, our Introduction to Horticulture class, as well as LH23, the Plant Terminology class. Some students jump right into a plant identification (ID) class, and although challenging, it’s still doable. Since most of our classes are offered on an alternating day/night schedule, it is best to talk to one of our instructors to see what else might serve you. Appointments are encouraged.

Do these classes transfer to UC or CSU?

Since articulation agreements can change, the best answer here is to look at the current college catalog. The transferability of all classes is labeled right next to the class number in the college catalog. If you need help here on campus, then the Merritt counseling staff will gladly be of service. You can also check with http://www.assist.org, but the most up-to-date information can be obtained by making an appointment to see a counselor.

I’m having trouble viewing this website. Why don’t you support my browser?

Unfortunately, all browsers display web pages slightly differently and sometimes very differently. We are working to make sure that this website looks and works its best in the most commonly used browsers. More modern browsers will display this site better than older releases.
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