Maril M. Bull

Maril Bull


Landscape Horticulture Administrative Assistant

I arrived at the Landscape Horticulture Department in the summer of 2004 and earned an Associate degree in Landscape and Parks Maintenance. I was a student intern who had a large part in the development of our library/resource materials. I took a job in the division dean’s office and found my calling- working at a community college. I continued working in administration for a few years. I always had hopes of returning to Landscape Hort, and in June 2014 at last became a permanent Peralta employee as Staff Assistant for Landscape Horticulture.

Prior to this incarnation, I was very engaged in Bay Area arts, have had several videos screened at film fests and conceived and performed musical theater pieces. In 1997 I formed the industrial folk (for lack of a better term) musical group Shrubbery.  And now here I am amongst the shrubbery of Landscape Horticulture.

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