Fall 2014 Edible Landscaping Open for Enrollment

Got classes?  Still wondering what to take this fall?  We’ve just added a new section of LH76 – Edible Landscaping.  This very popular course will meet Fridays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (with a lunch break, of course) in H-101.  Course codes are 44645 (lecture) and 44646 (lab).

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This course explores the growing and use of edibles in the landscape.  We will cover subjects ranging from soil preparation, fertilizing and composting to selecting heirlooms and hybrids, designing gardens with edibles integrated in an ornamental garden design, and carving out space dedicated to food crops.  We will research intentional food crops and learn about ornamental plants that have nutritional value also.  We will explore community gardens, edible school gardens, urban foraging, second harvest groups.  We will learn how and what native American cultures knew about the land and its bounty, and explore a variety of crops central to various ethnic groups.  Each week we will sample garden-fresh food harvested from personal gardens and from a common garden planned, planted and maintained by the class at Merritt College.



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