Fall 2016 Aesthetic Pruning Schedule Available

Aesthetic Pruning is one of the most in-demand programs we offer, and as a fee-based curriculum, these classes are open to anyone with an interest in learning to prune plants to accentuate their beautiful, natural forms and to keep them healthy.

The selection of Aesthetic Pruning classes for Fall 2016 includes:

  • 9/10/16: LH812 – The Art of the Focal Point Tree – Pete Churgel
  • 9/17/16: LH818 – Pruning Conifers – Bill Castellon
  • 9/24/16: LH815 – Pruning for the Big Picture – Pete Churgel
  • 10/8/16: LH805 – Rock Placement in the Landscape – Bill Castellon (full day)
  • 10/15/16: LH817 – Pruning Japanese Gardens – Bill Castellon
  • 11/12/16: LH816 – Pruning Container Trees & Shrubs – Bill Castellon
  • 11/19/16: LH819 – The Art of Tree & Shrub Reduction – Chris Ingram
  • 12/3/16: LH823 – Aesthetic Pruning as a Career – Chris Ingram

The schedule is available here [withdrawn], updated with tentative information for Spring 2017.  Please note that due to District policy, we can only accept checks for fee-based classes.  While we recognize it may be inconvenient, neither cash nor credit are acceptable forms of payment.  Thank you for your understanding.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Mr. Maril Bull at the Landscape Horticulture Department.  Maril can be reached at (510) 436-2418 or at mbull@peralta.edu.

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