Fall 2016 Featured Classes

Wondering what to take this fall?  Here are some great courses that will deepen your horticultural knowledge and prepare you for your career.

LH4 Shrubs
Shrubs are the true backbone of any garden.  Learn how to identify, use, and maintain a diversity of beautiful and tough shrubs for sustainable, low water, high-interest gardens. Instructor Lawrence Lee will host guest landscape designers and architects presenting ways to effectively and beautifully combine shrubs in landscapes, and nursery and plant specialists will cover many new species and cultivars.

Meets Thursdays 6:30- 9:20pm • Class Code: 44536

LH23 Plant Terminology
This class will deepen your  understanding of plants, giving you a new and richer way of looking at and interpreting plants in the garden and landscape through learning how they grow, how they got their names and how they are described.  This class is essential for any plant ID class.

Two sections: Day: Thursdays, 1- 3:15pm • Class Code: 43951  -OR-  Eve: Mondays, 6:30- 8:45pm • Class Code: 43506

LH25 Nursery Management
This course will cover different aspects of running and managing wholesale and retail nurseries including crop production, sales, marketing, operation, layout, personnel, and accounting.  An emphasis will be sustainability and the management of micro-enterprise nurseries.

Meets Wednesdays, 6:30- 9:20 pm  • Class Code:  43952

Don’t forget…EARLY enrollment helps ensure you get your top choices and that the classes you want are not cancelled. If classes are under-enrolled, college administrators will cancel them before the beginning of the semester. Enrollment is now open for all students.

Can’t decide if you want to take a class?
Enroll anyway while you still have the chance! If you can’t take a class after all, just drop before September 4…no charge, no “W”, no nothing.

Need help deciding which classes to take? Need help enrolling? Contact our staff at 510-436-2418, or email Mr. Maril Bull at mbull@peralta.edu. Note: Peralta enrollment does not work on most smartphones, tablets, etc., so email or call now to schedule a time to enroll at a computer in our office.

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