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Horticulture Club Internship Application (pdf).

The Landscape Horticulture Department is proud to announce its new internship program. The internship positions are available to currently enrolled students and will allow student to gain more experience and expertise in the areas that most interest them. Internship projects are largely self-directed with weekly supervisory and guidance sessions with staff members. The table below details some commonly available positions.

Title Description Specializations
Crop Specialist Responsibilities: Propagates and manages a variety of plants for our Plant Sales. Produces healthy plants which are well labeled with complete informational signage. Receives greenhouse space and access to propagation materials; seeds, cuttings, soil, pots and other supplies and a selection of plants grown. Qualifications: Some propagation experience required. Knowledge of specific plant material. Ability to research and produce detailed signage. Will train in production and crop management techniques.
Herbs Culinary
Native medicinal

Seed Saving

Plant Collections/ Arboretum Performs garden maintenance as well as records data on plantings within the Landscape Horticulture grounds. Produces engraved labels for plants and progress report. Qualifications: Organized attention to detail and motivated to do research oriented work. Strong knowledge of botanical names as well as varietal names. Ability to do hard physical work, even in adverse weather conditions.
Compost Steward Helps develop and maintain a large on-site department scale compost system. Maintains system with regular compost pickups from classrooms, courtyard and greenhouses. Qualifications: Knowledge of basic composting (are you a master composter?) required. Willingness for hard work, physical labor required. Willingness to learn safe use of tractor/front loader and chipper/shredder encouraged: will train. Desire to close the nutrient loops of our department helpful!
Lab Assistant Under the direction of faculty and staff. Sets up and cleans up after lab activities. Is knowledgeable and oriented to safe operation of equipment, and has a clear understanding of site operations and supply locations. Has attention to detail and the ability to communicate effectively.
Garden Assistant Helps maintain the Landscape Horticulture Department’s gardens:¬†weeding, mulching, pruning, planting, and other work on both our ornamental and edible collections.

Due to the relatively unsupervised nature of the internship, Merritt College asks that applicants have at least some experience in the field in which they hope to work. If you feel you don’t have the experience needed to take on an internship, we are always looking for an extra hand with weeding, planting and general garden maintenance. For more information about the Crop Specialist internship positions, contact Anders Vidstrand. For all other positions and volunteer opportunities, contact Molly Sealund.

Molly Sealund
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