Grow, Dig, Divide and Conquer in Fall 2012

Learn about tough and beautiful flowers, succulents, grasses, bulbs, ferns, & sub-tropicals for creating exciting late season gardens & landscapes.   Visit neat private gardens & nurseries.   Learn how to Grow, Dig, Divide-and-Conquer the world of herbaceous plants.  Or, in other words, join us for LH6A Fall Herbaceous Plants at Merritt College!

“In the many years I have taught landscape design at Merritt, herbaceous plants BY FAR represent the most popular plant choices on design class projects, and also in simple garden renovation projects and maintenance accounts.  So here’s your chance to really engage this topic.  Instructor Lawrence Lee knows his stuff, and you’ll be learning things you can use for years to come…”  Chris Grampp.

The class needs just a few more students to sign up for LH6A Fall Herbaceous plants in order for it to run!  This is a day class with lab with scheduled visits to some amazing private gardens including well-known designer Keeyla Meadow’s garden, as well as a colorful Oakland hills garden with neat garden rooms and rich tones of orange and red.

The class will also include hands-on experience learning how to grow, plant, maintain, & propagate a diverse selection of herbaceous plants.

LH6A Fall Herbaceous Plants (3 units) meets Wednesdays, lecture 10 a.m.-12 noon, & lab 1-4 pm, from August 22 – Dec 12 in H101.  (Class code: lecture 4358, lab 4359)  For questions or more information, contact the instructor, Lawrence Lee,

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