Healthful Herbs Seeking Students

The Summer schedule at the Landscape Horticulture Department at Merritt College starts next week, earlier than other Peralta classes.  Sign up now or the classes you want may be cut!

LANHT 208 A&B* Growing and Using Healthful Herbs, with Anders Vidstrand, 2 Units.  Class meets Tues. & Thurs. 1:30-5:30PM, from 06/07/16 to 08/04/16.  Enrollment codes are 30182/83 (A) and 30057/5 (B).  Click here to enroll now!  *Note: this class is repeatable.  If you have taken it before, you can sign up again for LANHT 208B

Growing and Using Healthful Herbs

The horticulture of herbs.  We will cover many species of herbal plants and their needs in the garden. We will cover resources on herbalism, and the medicinal uses of plants, but primarily emphasize herb identification and the study of growing and using herbs for culinary, medicinal, utilitarian, and purposes. This will include: planting, care, and propagation of herbs; harvesting, preparing, creating, and safely applying herbal products.

Each class week is equally divided between lecture and laboratory sections with hands-on planting, propagating, harvesting and preparing of herbal and useful plants. There will be field trips, special projects, presentations and only a handful of assignments. You can sign up for Pass/Not pass if you are worried about the workload.  You can drop for a refund after 1 week. Sign up now!

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