LH35A Seeking Students for Spring 2019

Our LANHT35A class (Advanced Landscape Design) needs enrollments in a hurry!  This class covers topographic design: reading contour maps and understanding landforms, water movement across the terrain, designing stairs, walls, and terraces, managing storm water (from rainfall), and more.  It is critical to every landscape designer’s work, and only at the Land Hort Department will you find this subject directed to the smaller scale projects you are likely to take on.

Plus, we have a fabulous new teacher (Terri McFarland) with loads of experience, taking over from our previous (also fabulous) instructor Sarah Gronquist.  Terri told me her professional dream has been “to teach drainage and grading,” and we would take the class from her just on that basis!

Chris and Laura, Land Hort Co-Chairs

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