Oct 2013–Pruning for the Big Picture

Coming this month — Pruning for the Big Picture.

This essential pruning class teaches you how to evaluate and meet the pruning needs of an entire landscape.  Both general and detail pruning are covered, as well as considerations of depth of field, height, width, direction and relative importance of various trees and shrubs in the garden.

LH815:  Pruning for the Big Picture.  Saturday, October 26, 9:30 am – 12:20 pm, Room H101.  Instructor:  Pete Churgel.  Tuition:  $39.00.

To enroll for fee-based classes, call 510-436-2418 at least 10 days before start of class.  Or, bring tuition in cash or check 15 minutes before start of class.   For more information about fee-based classes, please call 510-436-2418.


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