Floral Design

♦ Our fee-based classes are open to anyone, both Peralta students and community members alike.

Floral Design at Merritt Landscape Horticulture offers Floral Design classes for designers of all skill levels. Our series of classes provide knowledge, technique and practical experiences for the developing professional floral designer and the DIY designer. Our goal is to share the love of flowers, develop and encourage the personal design style of each student through creative interactive floral designing experiences. Our designers are active in retail floristry, studio-based retail floral design, and designing for personal use.

Current class offerings are under the instruction of Kay Wolff AIFD CFD CCF and include Introduction to Floral Design, Creative Centerpieces, Creative Celebrations (Large Arrangements), Wedding Bouquets and Japanese Ikebana.  Visit the Merritt Floral Design classes Facebook page here, and visit Kay’s professional Facebook page here.

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  • Introduction to Floral Design

    These courses include identification of materials, basic design styles, theory, and trends. Practical application includes designing traditional and contemporary design shapes and styles. These courses help designers establish an understanding of the elements and principles of design while discovering their own design style.

  • Creative Centerpieces

    Learn to create inspired centerpieces, from formal to casual, and simple to extravagant, inspired by seasonal materials.  The design focus of this class changes depending on the season of the year when it is offered.

  • Creative Celebrations

    Designers create arrangements for wedding ceremony and receptions, social events, business and hotel lobbies, memorials/funerals. We focus on the larger arrangements for buffets, synagogue or sanctuary, foyer and entry tables. Centerpiece design is addressed in the Creative Centerpieces class.

  • Wedding Bouquets I and II

    Create round, cascade, teardrop and presentation style bouquets using hand tied and bouquet holder techniques. Extended study on color theory. Cross application of beautiful centerpieces and home use.

  • Ikebana:  Japanese Floral Design

    An overview, understanding and appreciation of Japanese style flower arrangement through the study of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana. Development of the designer’s discerning eye and the practice of dividing space creatively.

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