Pruning Natives

New Aesthetic Pruning Class—Pruning California Native Trees & Shrubs

Join us May 14, 2016, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm in room H-101.  We’ll have slides, lecture and demo for this new aesthetic pruning class.

A native garden looks most pleasing when it has a human touch. This class will discuss differences and similarities between our native species versus those introduced from temperate and other Mediterranean climates.  We’ll cover pruning tips and techniques for over a dozen plants like our California lilac, manzanita, coffeeberry, toyon, flowering current and silk tassel.

Many California natives are dormant in the summer and fall.  Discover the best time to prune and why.

You’ll also learn about the different forms of many native plants and how their habit drives the way we prune in order to bring out their best characteristics and health through proper pruning.

The fee is $39. Pre-registration is available through the Landscape Horticulture Department office.  Call 510/436-2418 or email Maril Bull at  If you can’t pre-register, just come on Saturday & bring a check!

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