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Top Websites for Plant Info


  1. SelecTree: a Tree Selection Guide, Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute at Cal Poly.

This is an excellent, interactive website specifically for trees. It allows you to select trees by specific attributes, such as ultimate size, leaf, flower and fruit characteristics, special values and uses, site conditions and constraints, and pest and disease information. In addition to all the searchable information, you can also print photos with citations.

  1. Oregon Flora Image Project, University of Hawaii

This University of Hawaii hosted website is an excellent resource, particularly for photos, which are outstanding. The site also does a great job describing family characteristics, and the plants are indexed by Genus and Family. Many of the plants are native up and down the West Coast.

  1. Landscape Plants, Oregon State University

This Oregon State website has excellent photographs of all parts of the plant and great botanical information. They have a new Woody Plant Identification System which allows you to search by specific characteristics (similar to SelecTree).

  1. San Marcos Growers

San Marcos Growers is a wholesale nursery in the Santa Barbara area. In addition to their great images and excellent information on plant growth patterns and cultural requirements, the site has an extensive search function, allowing you to select plants by various characteristics. They also have information on new introductions.

  1. Suncrest Nursery

Suncrest is a wholesale ornamental nursery in Watsonville specializing in Mediterranean plants. Their searchable site has nice photos and botanical information and is formatted in such a way that the information can be printed on a 5 x 8 index card.


  1. CalFlora Database

Offers excellent interactive maps on distribution ranges for native plants in California, brief plant characteristics and plant communities information, and other useful links for each plant.

  1. CalPhotos Project, University of California, Berkeley

This Cal Berkeley website is excellent, but contains photos only. It does provide links to other websites for plant descriptions.

  1. California Native Plant Link Exchange

This website lets you “select local native plants for any location in the state, and find out who sells them”. Features information about native plant communities and distribution ranges. Each plant has links to nurseries that sell it and to CalFlora and CalPhotos.

  1. Las Pilitas Nursery

Las Pilitas is a 100% California native plant nursery. Their website has nice photos of flowers, pollinators, plants and stems, and also provides some botanical information for each plant.

  1. Native Sons Nursery

Native Sons is a wholesale nursery that sells primarily Mediterranean plants. They have lots of cultural information and many details on newer cultivars.


  1. Plant Database, University of Connecticut

This University of Connecticut website lets you search by name and/or various plant/site characteristics, and has detailed botanical information & photos of many ornamental plants. Very useful for looking up ID characteristics.

  1. PlantFinder, Missouri Botanical Garden

This website has good basic and advanced search functions and excellent photos, along with good information on plant attributes and garden use. Many of the plants are commonly grown in California.

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