Spring 2013 Urban Agroecology Classes Open

At long last, two Urban Agroecology classes are open for enrollment this semester.  Offered by Merritt’s Environmental Management and Technology Department,  Social Issues in Agriculture starts Monday, January 28, and Urban Agroecology meets on Fridays.  Here are the details:

ENVMT 3:  Social Issues in Agriculture, Rachel Brand, Mondays, Lec 12-1:50pm Lab 2-4:50pm , H101.  Study of the social side of agriculture, food and gardening:

  • investigation of social justice, food access, food security and hunger issues on a local and national scale;
  • current debates and conversations related to food systems (both industrial and alternative) , agricultural production and labor issues;
  • perspectives of field workers, farmers, academics and food related pop-culture writers.

Also open for enrollment is:

ENVMT 35:  Urban Agroecology, Leslie Geathers, Fridays, Lec 10am-12:50, Lab 2-4:50pm, Self Reliant House.  Introduction to the expanding production and distribution of healthy food and environmentally sustainable agriculture in and near cities:  organic and intensive agriculture, field methods, policy, economy, ecology, and equity.

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